We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers

Solenoid Valve

Electronic controls for controlling valves on vehicles

EGR Valve

Exhaust gas recirculation components for automotive turbocharging systems.

Oil Jet

The function of the piston cooling nozzle is to prevent the piston from overheating, and spray the engine lubricating oil in mist form inside the piston.

Brake system

  • Manufacturing and development policy prioritizing safety
  • Careful selection of appropriate materials
  • Each 1/1000mm surface accuracy
0% Covered models

The factory’s products cover 98% of the models, and the Wolforts brand has all parts for Volvo and Ford.

0+ Workers employed

There are more than 2000 workers in the factory, more than 100 people in the technical department, and more than 80 people in the quality inspection department.
0+ Happy clients

Over the years, the products have been mainly supplied to European countries, and some customers have provided product quality control services.

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